Browsing photos

Once you click into an album or month of photos you will see several things on the page. Typically there is a large photo taking up most of the page. If you click on this photo you will automatically be taken to the next picture in that section (that month, that album etc.). Below each large photo you will see a series of thumbnails. Typically the photo you are viewing will be the center photo highlighted in red while the others have a black border. Clicking those thumbnails will bring you to the full sized version of that photo. To the left and right of the group of the thumbnails you will see arrows like ">>" and "<<> these will move you either forward or backward within that section and jump to the next group of photos. Important: don't use these arrows to navigate to the next photo or you will skip over several photos.

Thumbnail Pages

Thumbnail pages show you all of the pictures within that section. These pages are sometimes sorted by month or day or event. When you click into a photo you can return to that thumbnail page by clicking on the link: "Back to Thumbnails" that appears in the dark grey bar below the "Land of the Photos" header on each page.

Ordering Prints via Flickr

On each photo page you will see a link below the photo toward the right that reads "Go to Flickr." Flickr is a photo sharing website that has all of the photos on land of the photos. They allow you to order prints directly and either pick them up at a local Target or have them mailed directly to your house. When you follow the "Go to Flickr" page it will open in another browser window to the Flickr page for that photograph. Once you are on the Flickr page for that photo there is a link above the photo that says "Order Prints". You can click that link and specify what you would like to order. You can then continue browsing photos either in the Flickr window or go back to the land of the photos window and browse there. Every time you click on the "Go to Flickr" link, the browser window that was on Flickr will open that photo's page. This way you can keep browsing both sites and not lose your place at land of the photos. You can order prints of multiple photos this way.

Downloading Photos to Order Prints

The large photos you see when you are on a photo page are not a high enough quality to print from your printer or order prints from. There are higher quality copies of the photos that are available by clicking the "Full sized image" link that is below the large photo (above the thumbnails). You can right click on these links and click "Save" to save the file down to your local computer where you can order prints through any of your preferred photo printing places, use an image for your desktop, etc. Don't forget to remember where you saved the photos!

Please note: Commercial use of these photos without our permission is not allowed. If you're interested in using one of our photos for a commercial purpose or for your website please contact us.

Black and White

If you are interested in seeing how a photo will look in neutral tones, you can click on the "View in Black & White" link that is below the large photo (above the thumbnails). This will change all the images you see to Black and White. If you want to see them in color again, you will notice that the link above the thumbnails has changed to say "View in Color". The 'default' is color and if we have taken photos with black and white film with the film camera, they will be black and white in both the color section and the black and white section.
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